B.S. in Nursing

B.S. in Nursing

Professional nurses are well-educated, careful-thinking, and observant clinicians. Through their education, they gain a broad knowledge base, cultivate their interpersonal skills, and develop a wide range of technical abilities. Nurses offer a holistic management approach, attending to the physical, psychological and emotional health needs of patients. They comfort, heal and support.

Currently, there is a shortage of professional nurses in Lebanon and worldwide. Over the coming years, the local and international shortage is expected to increase. This means that earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will give you unlimited choices for a varied and exciting career. In choosing nursing as a career, you will have excellent job opportunities after graduation.

As a professional nurse, you can take your knowledge and skills to a range of health care settings. Your education may lead you to a career in an urban medical center, a community hospital, or a specialty hospital. You might practice in a community health dispensary, home care, or an industrial setting. You can also diversify by working with different types of patients: caring for children, adults or the elderly; working in the operating room, critical care unit, or an emergency department; or finding a position in mental health or in public health. In all of these settings, you will apply your nursing knowledge to help improve the health of individuals and families. And, in all of these settings, you will partner with health professionals in other disciplines to provide high-quality care.

Professional nursing is a “job for life” that comes with flexibility and advancement potential. Nurses who hold the B.S.N. degree often move into leadership positions such as head nurse, nurse educator, quality improvement coordinator, or director of nursing. Some nurses secure employment in governmental agencies, NGOs, and health-related industries such as insurance companies and medical-supply companies. Furthermore, B.S.N. graduates can earn a master’s or a doctorate degree in nursing and advance to important clinical and leadership positions such as nurse specialists, researchers, administrators and university faculty.

Regardless of your particular goals, LAU’s ARCSON provides a well-rounded and academically challenging curriculum that will prepare you for all these possibilities. Join us and become one of the nursing profession’s best. Be an LAU nurse!

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