Secondary students who earn the Lebanese Baccalaureate II (any section: life sciences, economics and sociology, general sciences, or literature and humanities) can enter the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program as sophomores.

Applicants for the B.S.N. program must meet the same undergraduate admission requirements as other LAU applicants. Students are encouraged to check this page for information about admission requirements, the application process and application deadlines, and to contact the LAU Admissions Office for additional questions.

If you are currently enrolled at another university and would like to transfer to the B.S.N. program at LAU, see the information for transfer applicants.

Admission Requirements to Declare Major for Freshman Students

Freshman Sciences students who have completed the freshman requirements may apply to declare their major in Nursing provided they satisfy the following criteria:

General notes:

LAU freshmen and students in other majors can enter the nursing program through the petition process. The petition forms can be found here.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

LAU offers scholarships and financial aid packages can cover up to 100% of your LAU tuition. Check this page for more information.