B.S. in Nursing

Program Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Educational objectives

  1. Offer a curriculum that has depth in the biomedical and nursing sciences and a broad base in liberal arts and sciences.
  2. Provide interprofessional learning experiences in the classroom, clinical simulation, and health care settings.
  3. Foster in students an appreciation for the values that are the foundation of professional nursing practice.
  4. Use innovative pedagogical approaches that enable students to integrate knowledge, competence, and ethical comportment to plan, provide and evaluate patient care.
  5. Prepare students to practice in a rapidly changing and complex health care environment.
  6. Promote the skills of scholarly inquiry and research to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and graduate education in nursing.

Student learning outcomes

Graduates of the B.S.N. program will be able to:

  1. Combine knowledge from liberal arts and sciences with knowledge of nursing and biomedical sciences to care for individuals, families, communities and populations.
  2. Provide holistic, evidence-based nursing care to promote the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities and populations.
  3. Base practice on the fundamental nursing values of accountability, advocacy, altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and social justice.
  4. Provide care that is respectful and sensitive to diversity in patients’ cultural traditions, religion, age, gender and socioeconomic circumstances.
  5. Use biomedical and information technologies to deliver high-quality care, support clinical decision making, communicate and mitigate error.
  6. Show leadership through involvement in patient safety and quality improvement initiatives.
  7. Partner with patients and members of the interprofessional team to achieve optimal outcomes of care.
  8. Practice nursing with an awareness of the influence that economics, policy, regulation and changes in the environment have on the delivery of care and the nursing profession.
  9. Assume responsibility for lifelong learning and professional development.