Nursing Club



The Nursing Club was established during the academic year 2011-2012. The club is committed to serve students, community and the nursing profession as a whole.  The objectives of the club are as follows:

  1. awareness and community services:
  1. Host campaigns to raise awareness on health-related issues within Lebanese community.
  2. Engage in health fairs, vaccination drives and volunteer at local healthcare facilities.
  1. Professional and academic development:
  1. Help nursing students to grow professionally.
  2. Build environment that connects all nursing students together and engage in activities to improve their well-being such as drama therapy.
  1. Interprofessional collaboration:
  1. Collaborate with other clubs in the School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy and Nutrition club at School of Art and Sciences to foster team spirit and encourage interprofessional teamwork.
  1. Professionalism and ethical conduct
  1. Maintain professionalism throughout all activities of the club.
  2. Adhere to ethical and professional values and respect confidentiality and privacy of patients and clinical settings.
  1. Social activities
  1. Promote volunteer work to serve the Lebanese community.

The Nursing Club has been active in events on campus and in the Lebanese community. Some of the organized club activities include the Cancer Awareness Campaigns, World Diabetes Day, Welcome to Byblos club activity, and several presentations about Nursing Education.

Members of the Nursing Club Cabinet for the academic year 2023-2024 are:

President: Yasin Jazieh
Vice President: Ghina El Hassan
Secretary: Ahmad Mneimneh
Treasurer: Wajd Awad
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Noura Jannoun