LAU Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing

Awareness Activities

The Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing held several health awareness activities in Byblos area during the month of September 2017.

Students with the help of our two faculty members, Mrs. Mira Abi Saad-Youssef and Dr. Rita Doumit, spread awareness about diabetes and hypertension at the Supermarket Jbeil and Spinneys-Jbeil.

Through distributing flyers and personal discussions, clients were able to learn more about:

- Signs and symptoms of diabetes and hypertension
- Early detection of hypertension and diabetes
-  Preventive methods (ex: diabetic foot, etc.)
-  Importance of proper follow-up
-  Importance of yearly screening
-  Importance of adhering to treatment regimen

In addition to spreading awareness and teaching, students provided free blood pressure measuring and hemoglucose testing for  all clients.