Madeleine El Hajj, MSN, RN

Ms. Madeleine El Hajj joined ARCSON in September 2023 after having served as a part-time clinical instructor at the School for the past 2 years.

She has a blend of experience in clinical setting (critical care, cath. Lab, pain management), life support training (BLS, ACLS), Staff Development, development of evidenced-based polices/protocols, clinical and didactic teaching. In addition, she served as the Managing Editor of an online journal, Panorama of Emergency Medicine (POEM) during its setup phase and first year. Besides, she participated and had a considerable role in some WHO projects that were mainly related to governmental hospitals’ assessment and capacity building.


Scholarly interests

Ms. Madeleine’s areas of practice and scholarly interests include staff development and critical care nursing. Specifically, she is interested in improving the teaching and learning process through technology-supported didactic component, and the use of simulation.

Selected Publications

- Hajj, M., Gulgulian, T., Haydar, L., Saab, A., Dirany, F., & Badr, L. K. (2017). The satisfaction of families in the care of their loved ones in CCUs in Lebanon. Nursing in critical care22(4), 203–211. https://doi.org/10.1111/nicc.12195

Community service

Ms. Madeleine implemented a program for kids at her community, promoting life skills, their role in climate change, and emergency response, for their holistic development and sustainability. Besides, she had some activities during which she spread awareness of screen addiction among kids.