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LAU School of Nursing Mental Health Fair

Posted Nov 28, 2016

The Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing, in collaboration with LeMall Dbayeh, held a Mental Health Fair, last Saturday, November 26.

Students with the help of our mental health faculty, Ms. Zeina El Jordi, reached out to shoppers and tried to explain the importance of their mental health and its impact on coping with life’s natural ebbs and flows.

Through posters, fliers and personal discussions, they explained that any person will experience some kinds of worry, stress, anxiety, and/or depression over the course of his/her lifetime; however, if it overwhelms their ability to cope, make sound decisions, and have fulfilling relationships, support and guidance are needed.

At the booth, visitors were able to learn more about:
- Signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety 
- Ways to decrease anxiety and depression
- Signs and symptoms of suicidality
- How to help someone with suicidal ideations 
- How to help yourself if you are having black thoughts.

Dean Kulwicki surprised students by visiting the booth and showing her support.


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