Ola Sukkarieh-Haraty, RN, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Dr. Ola Sukkarieh-Haraty is one of the first faculty to join the School of Nursing. She comes to ARCSON after serving as a faculty at the School of Nursing, University of Balamand.


Scholarly Interests

Dr.Ola Sukkarieh is interested in assessing the level of diabetes self-care, psychological adjustment, and social support in predicting the level of glycemic control among Lebanese adults with diabetes mellitus (DM).

Several studies in Western countries have documented the importance of self-care in optimizing glycemic outcomes (glycosolated hemoglobin A1C) and minimizing the complications of DM. No such studies have been conducted in Lebanon. It may be that Lebanese people react differently or that self-care is not a concept that is culturally accepted. In Lebanon, individuals with DM are cared for by their families with little self-initiative; this may be different than in the patients in the West. Furthermore, diabetes self-care educational programs designed for the West may not be appropriate culturally for the Lebanese or other people in the Middle East.

The unexplored concept of diabetes self-care in the Lebanese population mandates prompt attention in order to control the hazards of the increase in prevalence of DM. Ultimately, findings of Sukkarieh’s work will highlight the current diabetes self-care and alert health care providers to tailor educational programs that are culturally sensitive to the Lebanese diabetic population.