Mira Abi Saad -Youssef, M.S.N., RN

Mrs. Mira Abi Saad-Youssef  joined the School of Nursing in September 2011. She comes to ARCSON after serving on the faculty at the School of Nursing, American University of Beirut.


Scholarly interests

Mrs. Mira Abi Saad-Youssef has worked as a pediatric registered nurse and earned her master’s degree in nursing administration. Her expertise is in maternal-child nursing. She is interested in improving nursing clinical practice in maternal-child nursing at Lebanese hospitals and moving towards evidence-based practice in this specialty. Evidence-based practice entails making decisions about how to promote health or provide care by integrating the best available evidence with practitioner expertise and other resources. Moving nursing towards evidence-based practice will ensure better nursing care, and hence improve patient outcomes and satisfaction with care. Mrs. Abi Saad’s clinical expertise in combination with her administration background enables her to be part of the improvement process in integrating evidence-based practice in nursing across Lebanese hospitals.