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Wissam Faour, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology and Physiology
Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine
Phone: +961-9-547254 ext. 2396

Dr. Faour teaches pharmacology in the nursing program since Fall 2011.


Selected Publications

Eva Hamade, Ayda Habib, Ali Hachem, Alaa H. Hussein, Malak Abbas, Taghreed Herz, Mirvat Masri, and Wissam Faour. (2012). Biological and Anti-inflammatory Evaluation of two Thiazole compunds in RAW Cell Line: Potential Cyclooxgenase-2 Specific Inhibitors. Med Chem 1;8(3):401-8

Erin M. Stitt-Cavanagh, Wissam H. Faour, Kaede Takami, Anthony Carter, Barbara Vanderhyden, Youfei Guan, Andre Schneider, Matthew D. Breyer, and Christopher R.J. Kennedy (2010). a Maladaptive Role of EP4 Receptors in Podocytes. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (10):1678- 1690

Wissam H. Faour, Jean-Francois Thibodeau and Christopher R.J. Knnedy. (2010). Mechanical Stretch and Prostaglandin E2 Modulate critical signaling pathways in Mouse Podocytes. Cellular Signaling 22(8) 1222-1230

Wissam H. Faour, Kaede Gomi and Christopher R.J. Kennedy. PGE2 Induces COX-2 expression in Podocytes via the EP4 receptor through a PKA-independant Mechanism. (2008).Cellular Signaling 281 (29):19849-60

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